Misale & Associates, Inc
Alan Misale, Broker Owner

Misale & Associates, Inc

We are trained and have completed the industry's most comprehensive certification process! We are a one stop shop with a unique service for every situation. But most important is that we do not "list" businesses rather we represent them. Understanding the emotions of selling a business is at the core of our services! Confidentiality is Priority #1. Our 1-on-1 philosophy is a unique systematic approach to selling a business. The business owner becomes an integral part of the process because who knows their business better than them? We act as their business agent with the business owner as the star meaning we represent their interests allowing them to present their business.

We specialize in the sale of monetary goodwill and assets

If you are looking to get top return on your hard goodwill / cash flow and top market value on equipment and inventory then we are the ones for you. We do not represent interests in either real estate or leasehold interests as those are best served by a real estate professional. We are not governed by the SEC because we do asset sales rather than stock sales. We keep it simple and get the best possible price for your business.



The perception of business brokers is one of take as many businesses as possible and hope a few sell, like real estate MLS. However, Misale & Associates, Inc is selective with whom we represent and we only represent businesses that we know that we can sell.


Misale & Associates, Inc knows how to find buyers for those businesses that we represent. While there are a few main stream networks most brokers use to find buyers, the secret is using these networks to their fullest and knowing who the best buyers are.


We strive for perfection because that is who we are and we have no choice. Business sellers trust the integrity of their business to Misale & Associates, Inc because one misstep and confidentiality is ruined - as is the business in every way possible.


We work every day because we want to get Chicago seller clients to closing. This is a very detail orientated process and we bring structure and discipline to every project. We don't "list" Chicago businesses rather they represent them! Without our expertise, Chicago business sellers don't understand the importance of confidentiality, buyer qualification or buyer financing. Chicago business sellers do not know where to find and target buyers nor navigate the difficult mine field before closing. We earn our fee by getting our sellers to closing!

Project Management

We represent our Chicago business sellers start to finish.

Buyer Reach

We know how to reach 100% of all types of Chicago buyers.

Success Rate

Our Chicago closing rate is 3-4 times national averages.